TB In North Carolina

Although tuberculosis (TB) is one of North Carolina’s leading infectious causes of death, cases continue to decline but are far from eradicated.  It is possible to prevent TB disease by providing medical treatment to individuals with latent TB infection (LTBI) so that they do not develop active TB disease.  Although TB disease can sometimes be fatal, prompt treatment and appropriate medication can cure it.

Since 1980, the number of new cases has declined by 4% each year in North Carolina. The number of new cases decreased from 296 to 185 between 2010 and 2019.  TB cases in North Carolina have declined significantly due to the state and local resources used to improve the TB program.

TB is a public health threat in North Carolina that needs to be controlled by reducing the number of new cases of TB and blocking its spread to the general population.


The cost for a screening or a TB skin test required for employment or school is $25. There is no charge if the client is has symptoms for TB or has been determined to be a contact with someone with active TB. For a client with a positive skin test, a Public Health Nurse will offer counseling, chest X-rays, medical referrals, contact tracing and testing, and provide medication if applicable. Tuberculosis Control Services are provided at no cost to the client.


Clinic visits are by appointment only. If you do not have an appointment please contact one of our offices.  The tests are administered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The client is required to return to the Clinic 72 hours after the skin test is placed to be evaluated by a nurse. Tuberculosis skin tests are most accurate at 72 hours after administration.

**Please note: We cannot give you a live vaccine within 28 days of a TB test unless they were given on the same day.




Other Resources:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tuberculosis Information (English)

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tuberculosis Information Spanish / Español)



Appointments at McDowell County Health Department

(828) 652-6811 ext 382

Appointments at Rutherford County Health Department

(828) 287-6100 option #2