Animal Control Service Fee Schedule

Animal Control Services (Fees Effective April 05, 2022)

All dogs are altered, core vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, heart worm tested, flea and heartworm prevention and sometimes more.
All cats are altered, core vaccines, flea prevention, dewormed and microchipped (combo tested at request).
Effective today:
Adoption Fees for unaltered dogs $110*
Adoption Fees for altered dogs (came to the shelter fixed) $30
Adoption Fee for unaltered cat (altered through our transport) $60*
Adoption Fee for unaltered cat (altered through local vet) $80*
Adoption Fee for unaltered kittens $80*
Adoption Fee for altered cats (came to the shelter fixed) $20

Room adoption cat $25.00
Room adoption dog $40.00
Board $5.00 per day
Board for rabies in quarantine $10.00 per day
Rabies Vaccine $10.00
Rabies Clinic Vaccine $5.00
Redemption Fee – 1st Pick-up no charge/written warning
Redemption Fee – 2nd Pick-up $25.00
Redemption Fee – 3rd Pick-up $50.00
Trap Deposit – Cat $20.00
Trap Deposit – Dog $40.00
Microchip $20.00
Nail trim during clinic days $10.00

Rescue Agency prices:
Unaltered dog $53.00
Unaltered cat $48.00

Euthanasia under 25 pounds $15.00
Euthanasia over 26 pounds $25.00

Farm animal specifics*:
Redemption $50 per animal
Housing $40 Day
Capture Fee $40

Adoption fees for animals other than a dog or a cat*:
Rabbits $58 each (covers getting them altered)
Guinea Pigs $5 each
Caged Rodents $5 each
Ferrets $25 each
Snakes $25-$75 each
Iguanas $25-$75 each
Legal birds $10 each
Fish, turtles, frogs $5-$10 each
Chicken, Ducks, Peacocks, Other fowl $5 each
Chinchilla/Hedgehog $45 each
Farm animal small (pig, sheep, goat) $25 each
Farm animal large (cow, llama, alpaca) $100 each

Any non-profit entity formed for the purposes of animal rescue that hold 501(c) status with the Internal Revenue Service that seeks to adopt an animal or animals may qualify to have some or all fees listed herein waived for any such adoptions*
Animal control fines for large animals running at large 1st offense $0, 2nd offense $100, 3rd + offense(s) $150*
*Above animal control fees/fines noted with asterisk effective April 05 2022