WIC can help you in so many ways! We have a variety of products and services that we provide for our clients, and we are always happy to help you and your family.

WIC provides nutrition education for families and helps YOU promote a lifetime of health.

WIC helps you buy healthy food. We give you vouchers for good, nutritious foods including; fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, beans, peanut butter, juice, and more.

WIC provides breastfeeding education and support. Breast milk is the perfect food for babies. Breastfeeding mothers receive extra food, such as fish and cheese, as a bonus reward for doing such a great job.

Breastfed babies also get more food- they get twice as much baby food and will also get infant meats as part of their WIC package!

WIC provides supplemental formula and food for your baby. Infant food packages include baby cereal, infant fruits and vegetables depending on the age of your baby.

WIC does growth assessment screenings! WIC will weigh and measure your child and give you peace of mind that they are growing correctly. We will also give you useful and personally tailored advice depending on what goals you want to achieve for you and your child. Help on such things as working through the picky eater stage is always appreciated! WIC can also help remind you about important things like when your children are due shots, or when a trip to the dentist is a good idea. WIC will refer your child to other services if requested or needed.

WIC loves children! Children love to read, color, and cook. These activities are important for children to develop and learn about healthy habits and nutritious foods. At your WIC visit your child may get a book to keep, recipe ideas, and maybe even a sticker too J all in support of making healthy choices for your family.