Come in or call your nearest WIC location. When you come you will need to bring the following:

1. The Person Applying for WIC

You (Pregnant or Breastfeeding), Infant, Child(ren) under 5 Years

2. Proof of Identification

Bring one (1) for each person applying for WIC AND parent or guardian.

You can use any of the following:

√ WIC Wallet (Folder with WIC Participants)

√ Driver’s License

√ Work/School ID

√ Birth Certificate

√ Hospital Birth Card

√ Military ID

√ Social Security Card,

√ Medicaid Card

3. Proof of Residence

Street address must be included; PO Box address will NOT be

accepted. Only one is needed.

You can bring any of the following:

√ Utility Bill: Water, Cable, Telephone, or Gas Bill

√ Current Rental Agreement

√ Current Bank Statement

4. Proof of Income

√ Medicaid Card

√ TANF (Work First) or Food Stamp Eligibility Letter

If you or your family are not on any of the programs list above you must bring one of the following. This is for all members of your household/ family unit who receive or earn income.

√ Recent Pay Stubs-for the last month

√ Recent Tax Return

√ Letter from Current Employer

5. Shot Record

We need this to make sure the immunizations are current and to update our records.